Privacy Policy

Proper protection of your privacy is very important to atelier MoonShell (hereafter MoonShell). At this section, it shows the standards for handling of information on the MoonShell website, such as what information is collected, history is recorded, how the information is used, and to what extent the information is shared.

Scope of application

This document applies to the MoonShell website (

Normally, you can access MoonShell's site through the Internet without revealing your name or any other personal information. However, in some cases MoonShell may require information from you.

We may ask you to provide personal information in various cases. For example, We may ask you to provide us with information such as your name and address, telephone number and email address in order to contact you from MoonShell, to process your order, to provide regular information. When you purchase a product or service from MoonShell, we may provide you with information about your credit card. In all of these and other cases, MoonShell will try to inform you of its purpose before collecting this information from you. If you do not want your personal information to be used to contact you beyond its intended purpose, we will respect your wishes. Please note that if you provide MoonShell with personal information about a third party (eg your spouse or co-worker), MoonShell will assume that you have your permission to provide it.

Use and sharing of personal information

Learn how MoonShell uses your personal information and how it is shared. Please note that one or more items may apply, depending on the type of MoonShell website you are visiting. For example, if you place an order for a product through the MoonShell website, your personal information will be treated as described in "Responding to your request for information" and "Marketing".


Responding to your request for information

  • If you make any request through the MoonShell website (for example, a product or service, telephone contact, or certain sales material), MoonShell will use the personal information you provide to respond to your request.
  • MoonShell may provide that personal information to other third parties (eg, financial institutions, shipping companies, post offices, government agencies such as customs) that are necessary to fulfill your request.
  • In connection with the transaction you requested, MoonShell may also contact you as part of our Customer Satisfaction Survey or Market Survey.



  • The information you provide to MoonShell through certain MoonShell websites may be used by MoonShell for marketing purposes.
  • Prior to the use of personal information, MoonShell will ask you whether or not you want MoonShell to use your personal information for a certain purpose.

Other MoonShell website announcements

In some cases, a particular MoonShell website may have special notices regarding the use of that site or may provide information handling standards that apply only to that site.

Information security and accuracy

MoonShell will protect your personal information and maintain its accuracy. To ensure the security of your personal information and to maintain its accuracy, MoonShell takes appropriate measures and measures such as encryption when sending certain sensitive personal information.

Information completion

In some cases, MoonShell may supplement the information you provide to us through the MoonShell website, such as to verify your address or provide other business information. The purpose is to maintain the accuracy of the information collected by MoonShell and to provide a better service.

Merger and acquisition

For strategic or other business reasons, MoonShell may sell, acquire, absorb, or otherwise reorganize its business. In such cases, disclosure of personal information to actual buyers or potential buyers or receipt of personal information from sellers may occur. Even in such transactions, MoonShell will endeavor to properly protect personal information.

Cookies, Web Beacon and Other Technologies

MoonShell may collect anonymous, non-personally identifiable information from visitors of the MoonShell website to improve our customer service. For example, MoonShell keeps track of what domains you visit our website from and what you do on MoonShell's website, but the information we collect remains anonymous. This information is also known as "click stream data". MoonShell and the analytics companies on our behalf are using "Click Stream Data" to analyze customer trends and statistics to better serve our customers.

When we collect personal information from you in connection with a transaction, we may extract some information about the transaction from that data in an anonymous form and combine it with other anonymous information (such as clickstream data). This information is used and analyzed at the population level to understand overall trends and patterns. It is never used on an individual level. If you do not want your transaction details to be used in this way, you can turn off cookies.

MoonShell uses a variety of technologies to collect anonymous information, as mentioned above, one of which is Cookies. A cookie is a piece of data that a website can send to your browser, and it may also be stored on your computer as an anonymous tag that identifies your computer and not yourself. For your convenience when you visit the MoonShell website again, some MoonShell website pages use cookies or other technology sent by MoonShell or MoonShell's business partners. You can set your browser to notify you when a cookie is sent and you can choose whether to receive the cookie. You can also turn off your browser's cookie feature. However, this can impair the functionality of some websites.

Some MoonShell websites use web beacons or other technologies to make the MoonShell website a better one for your convenience. These technologies are used on many pages on the MoonShell website. When a visitor visits such a page, an anonymous notification is generated, which is processed by MoonShell or a MoonShell account. Web beacons usually work with cookies. If you do not want your cookie information to be associated with visits to these pages, please turn off browser cookie functionality.

Even if you turn off the cookie feature, web beacons and other technologies will still detect visits to pages with cookies or web beacons. However, the notification generated will no longer be associated with other anonymous cookie information and the notification will be ignored.

Monitor quality of service

Certain web transactions may involve Customer contacting MoonShell or MoonShell contacting Customer. Please note that as a general MoonShell Code of Conduct, we monitor and, in some cases, record such telephone conversations in order to train staff and improve the quality of service.

Online advertising

At MoonShell, we have certain companies help us run our online ads (such as banner ads). These companies collect and utilize customer information so that we can better understand proposals, promotions, and advertising styles that appeal to customers even more strongly. The information collected is aggregated and cannot identify a particular customer.

Disclosure as required by law

Please be aware that personal information may be required to be disclosed due to subpoenas, warrants, or orders issued by judicial agencies or other government agencies.

Links to websites other than MoonShell

The MoonShell website may contain links to other websites. MoonShell is not responsible for the privacy protection or content on such other websites. Privacy protection on other websites is governed by the privacy policies of other websites.

Notification of changes

This privacy statement was updated on June 1, 2020.

Inquiries regarding personal information

If you have questions about this document or questions about how MoonShell handles your information, or if you would like to obtain a copy of the specific information you provided to MoonShell, or if you find that the information is incorrect and request corrections, please contact MoonShell .

However, if MoonShell provides information or corrects any mistakes, MoonShell may ask you to confirm your contact details and other details before responding to your request. This website is maintained by MoonShell.


Requests for disclosure of retained personal data (disclosure and correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, deletion)

MoonShell responds to requests for disclosure of retained personal data from the person or agent.